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12 April 2021


The Parish Council has been approached regarding access to the Castle and the Mitford Estate have provided the following statement.

“I am sure you have been made aware that Mitford Estate has been forced to take action to close the Castle grounds to the public. It is with much regret that we have had to take such action however due to recent events we have felt that we have not had any other alternative. I would like to make you and other members of the Parish Council aware of the issues we have been facing:

• Antisocial behaviour including estate staff having to remove drug and alcohol paraphernalia from the area

• Fires being lit and then extinguished with broken beer bottles

• Estate staff being verbally abused

• The grounds being used as a toilet facility

• Members of the public using metal detectors and digging up the ground inside the Castle

• Members of the public using the area as a camping site, leaving items of dirty/soiled clothing and sleeping bags

• Barbecues being lit and causing damage to the Castle walls


The police have been called on numerous occasions which has resulted in us taking this action.

I am sorry that the action of a number of individuals has resulted in the grounds being closed off however I am sure you understand that we cannot allow the Castle and surrounding area to be disrespected and abused in this manner.”

© 2021 Mitford Parish Council

© 2021 Mitford Parish Council

24 March 2021


Around 50 households have already formally signed up to make use of the government’s free voucher scheme (worth at least £1500 per household) in order to obtain full fibre broadband to their premises (FFTP) provided by “Alncom”.

Alncom are now ready to commence the service delivery of FFTP to those who have registered and claimed their government voucher.

It’s still not too late to join in if you wish to gain the benefits of FFTP – do contact Alncom as soon as possible if this is the right thing for you. The deadline remains as 31st March to claim the free government voucher.

© 2021 Mitford Parish Council

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